The Dreadful Dead of Hoop Snake Hollow

by Black Heroin Gallery

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released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


BLACK HEROIN GALLERY Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: The Worm Prince of Black Toad Hollow
The Worm Prince of Black Toad Hollow
© 2015-16 written and composed
By Eyajo December Joseph
All rights reserved.

They slither from the forest floor,
Waiting for his call.
They’ve been buried in blue clay
For one thousand years!
No one knows who the hell
They are, digging with their teeth.
But the royals of decay
Have summoned the dreadful dead!

Searching for his bride,
There’s nowhere she can hide,
The Hoop snakes have gather around,
In hopes of,
Rolling down—
After you.

The worm prince of
Black toad hollow,
Stands aghast at one hundred box turtles,
Gutted for ashtrays!
They’ve been warned of the marching
Sideshow and “poisonous-salamander-gumbo.”
Mandrake folk, terrified of
Being trapped in slimy boxes!

The prince crawls out of the cave
Declares all witches, had better behave
And bring him all secrets untold
Of every horror known.
Scream the bomb fire, burns high!
Letting all the fireflies die—
And mix with rustling leaves
Hidden by gray bark and trees.

They retreat back to the creeks
Betrayed by the Belewe moon.
I think they left someone behind
On the secret path.
A sacrificial snake, weeps an
Impossible tear—
And from the belly of mother earth
She silently appears—

As his bride.
Track Name: Below Dark Waters
Below Dark Waters
© 2014-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

I hold the belly of a ring-neck snake,
Up toward the blood moon,
And Evil taps me on the shoulder
And says, ‘where have you been?!’

I’ve been hiding!
No I’ve been lying—
I’m already dead!
I have no apathy,
For my capacity
To use, the dark tools.
I’ve been binding and
Slowly finding, all
The spiders of melancholy lane!

The dark merchant, sails under
The silver light of the moon,
And mars, she laughs at me!
She thinks I’m a Goddamn fool!
Jupiter, she’s dangling sweet,
On the edge of the abyss.
And Saturn throws her rings at me,
But they seem to always miss.

Have you ever just seen the dead
Get up and dance.

I’ve been crucified!
With a cornucopia of worms,
Floating above my head.
Its so precious,
Bleeding twigs and a box
Of coal turned red.
Knee deep in mud,
Screaming lost in a cornfield
Of black toads—

I’ll be waiting below dark waters,
Waiting for the Hag to show her glowing eyes.
I hold the ‘charm of making’,
The only charm worth taking!
Track Name: December Malice
December Malice
© 2011-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

I wait alone for blood,
Oh creatures of nowhere.
I watch angels strapped to falling stars.
Hold tight to untold lies,
They just might be the truth after all.
Never whisper at a red butterfly.

You can stay
For free, with me,
In my—
Winter palace!

God! It’s crazy here,
The mad hatter
Was caught—
Raping Alice!

Take some time,
No escaping your—
December malice!

There’s a funeral march
On the river bright.
Floating black umbrellas,
What a dancing fright.
I’m convinced that a broken heart,
Is better broke, than apart.

Why are you,
Looking at me?
I have a gun
Pointed at you.

I have no soul to comfort you!
No song to unmask my
Empty drowning pain.
I’m a anchor, sinking cold.
Heading towards the bottom of the sea.
I’m sure, no one will follow me!
Track Name: His Beautiful Darkness
His Beautiful Darkness
© 2014-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

There once was this demon,
Who dreamt of leaving, someday from hell.
Then one day, he just slipped away.
Ripped and torn wings, were the cost.
Amazed at trees and pretty dark things,
He was happy, but lost—
Happy, but lost.

The clang of bells and a twisted voice yells,
Somewhere, from below.
Come home now and slaughter the sow,
Because, you can’t stay here.
If you run, well you’re nobody’s son
And they will bury you here—
You don’t want to die here.

He walked toward the sun, defiant to the one,
With scorch and cracked skin.
He ripped out his heart! What melancholy start,
To the cleansing of sin.
That little demon, never went out screaming,
Leaving his magic behind.
His beautiful darkness, remains entombed,

Until the spider web chimes—
Until the spider web chimes,
Until the spider web chimes,
Until the spider web chimes.
Track Name: I Walk Alone To My Grave
I Walk Alone To My Grave
© 2014-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

I step outside to crush the
Last causality,
Of a murder of crows
And as I sip honey whisky,
I notice a moth floating in
Damned despair!

I’m going to walk alone,
Alone to my grave.
I hear the flickers,
Of guiding blue flame.
I’m going to walk alone,
Alone to my grave.

I frantically defend my
Porcelain dolls,
From the merciless raping
Of the demon collector’s toy store
And his attempt to keep me
From darkness surely everlasting.

Wearing his very best,
The devil rode through Gallup
And I had one last
Stroll with death.

I conclude that the
Legions of shadow people
Of which stand helpless
In a burning infernal
Have no wisdom to offer
My other world journey!
Track Name: As She Slumbers
As She Slumbers
© 2015-16 written and composed
By Eyajo December Joseph
All rights reserved.

There’s purpose in a rotting vine,
There’s anguish in a glass of offered wine.
There’s darkness in her powdered beauty weeping
And there’s horror often, never seen creeping.
She feels something slightly a mist
As her disdain takes a drastic twist!
Friend or foe or sister dear, her eyes have
Turned black and her hellish intent clear.

As she slumbers
She dreams of death
Looking forward to whatever
Comes next.
As she muses over written tears
She slowly stirs, flesh and

Cattails sweet, they smell of gloom
She’s not far, she’s hidden in the room
They know she’s mad, there is no doubt,
They try hard not to talk about
Her touch is cold, like mountain rain
Her sisters fear she’s insane!
The step mother spits and turns her back
Silent crows quickly claw and attack.

She plotted to take their very souls,
But instead, decided to just eat them whole.
Chop! Chop! Off with their heads
A stew made best, with the freshly dead.
Confused the step mother ask, ‘Where’s my girls?’
Nothing said, but darkness stirs,
Here’s a bowl— another bowl makes two.
They’re not far, now eat your stew!
Track Name: Twitching Dead Things
Twitching Dead Things
© 2008-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

I never intended to leave you, but I did
Love was my darkest revenge—
I can still remember your hair, tangled,
Twisted and strangling your neck.
I feel a sadness, with your tears on my lips
Sweet death sang our favorite song.
No matter who screams
The dance of darkness dreams

Twitching dead things
Wicked and sweet
Twitching dead things
Devouring your feet
Twitching dead things
Do anything for love
Twitching dead things
Kill a white dove

I think death waits for me,
She whispers pleasantries.

Dance with me, my rotting flower—
Velvet black box with crimson powder
I kiss your lips, sewed shut by your daughter
Ghosts bring gifts to the winter slaughter
We call this marble crypt our home
I walk with you, in the black fields
I’ll hold your hand until it turns to dust.
Happier we’ll be, when we die.

I stitch together poppets, for the fallen
Things alone.
Filled with as and bone—
Track Name: On This Evil Day
On This Evil Day
© 2015-16 written and composed
By Eyajo December Joseph
All rights reserved.

She laughed and winked at me,
Before jumping to her death.
I tipped my hat of madness,
Confused and haunted by sadness.
It’s all a disguise,
To hide death’s guiding hand.

I’ve lost my way
I refuse to pray,
Love has drifted away
On this evil day.

There’s no abundance of cheer.
Mephistopheles is here.
He stands with idle hands
And says, ‘Come with me, I have your day planed.’
But my soul begs fierce,
With hope it intends to pierce through¬¬.

Blood is the toast of the town
And Lucifer spits on the ground
He’s not sticking around,
It’s just too damn evil here!
Track Name: In Her Black Garden
In Her Black Garden
© 2011-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

In her Black garden,
There’s a curious candlelight,
Whimsically burning bright.
An old lady giving head.
A newborn floating dead.
The bright blue ribbon in her hair,
Just didn’t seem to belong there.
I stood lonely, rotting there.

Can’t you see
I have complaints!
I’ve never claimed to
Be some saint!
I know you’re afraid,
So what else is new.
Don’t say her name,
She’s coming for you.

The silver sparkle on her face.
She said, ‘I lived life without a trace.’
I’m so Goddamn confused.
She split in two and said, ‘choose.’
She handed me a bucket of bluegill.
Then pretended to jump from a windowsill.
I watched her red lips turn gray,
As her death faded away.

What if I was to
Say to you,
I can take your
Hurt away—
Bury it, deep in
The earth,
Locked in a purple
Wooden box.
And all that I ask of you,
Is just, one little thing.
Never break my heart,
Never break it in vein.

In her black garden,
There’s a goblin laughing loud,
A spider infested shroud—
A twisted pumpkin patch
Some naked girl attached,
To a swinging hook above.
A carnival star in love
Caught in a quicksand flower bed.
Track Name: To Become A Nightmare
To Become A Nightmare
© 2013-16 written and composed
by Eyajo December Joseph
all rights reserved.

I love the spring,
And listening to the mockingbirds sing.
I thought I’d be alright,
Then they died in flight.
You and I used to be—
In love and so happy.
I thought I might cry,
But I rather watch you die!

So don’t be afraid,
Just be aware,
It only takes a kiss,
To become a nightmare.

The ouja board has spelled
What seems to be a message from hell.
I’m just not convinced!
And I haven’t loved anyone since.
Her ghost plays these games
Of rearranging names.
Trust questions fear
And love I try to stir clear.

I’m locked in an attic,
Let me out!
Let me out!

Now I need to find,
Something, that’s always been mine.
There’s this head of a clown,
That the devil has been bouncing around.
I don’t try to realize,
The meaning in the skies.
I always hang wolfsbane,
To soothe my rotting brain!